Threading the needle between artistry, empowerment, comfort, ethics and exquisite beauty.


I make nighties.

With every nightie, there are four qualities I strive to stitch in that I believe are central to women’s empowerment.

I believe that in today’s world women struggle due to a kind of spiritual malnourishment. There are certain qualities that are utterly missing in their lives. I do my best to bring these qualities to every nightie I make.

Some people believe that a focus on clothing for empowerment is too surface, shallow and only serves vanity. I disagree.

Why Nighties?

I believe that nighties are a sort of medicine that can, in small and modest but meaningful ways, make your life as a woman better.


1. Comfort
Each woman has her own sleep preferences and for many women a nightie is the most comfortable option because it is loose and unrestricting.

2. Arousal
For some women there is nothing like a skirt or a dress to make a woman feel sexy. Nighties are the intimate apparel version of skirts and dresses.

3. Elegance
There is something very classy and elegant in a nightie, where other options are more casual and unsophisticated.

4. Femininity
Some women find pants and shorts too masculine feeling or tomboy, not the image they have of themselves or an image they want others to have.

5. Coverage
Nighties can provide modesty (or a tease) that feels more flattering, modest or secure than many lingerie options avialable today.

6. Timelessness
Like skirts and dresses there is a solid and ancient history of women wearing nightgowns.

Women have different moods sometimes and they want something that feels comfortable while also making them feel beautiful and elegant. They want lingerie that’s made for them to enjoy and relax in, not just a peep show for someone else. (And is it too much to ask that it didn’t choke a sea turtle or enslave a child?)

I believe that what a woman wears to bed and how she feels about it (beautiful, cozy, elegant, frumpy) plays a crucial role in her ability to relax in her intimate relationships. Some lingerie or evening wear can set the stage for women to feel confident and attractive, for her to see the effect and arousal mirrored on her lover’s face and the unmistakable effect she has on him with her being. 

Why My Nighties?

My nighties aren’t for everyone. I make them with a particular kind of woman in mind. For those kinds of women, the following six qualities matter a great deal. I work hard to make sure that every nightie I make is…

1. Natural
Only natural materials are used that feel good on the skin for comfort, breathability and peace of mind.

2. Ethical
As much as possible ethics are a top priority and incorporated into the design process from the very beginning. The impacts are looked at holistically and with an effort to be more good, not just ‘less bad’.

3. Playful & Inspiring
I want each nightie I make to spark your imagination and a world of possibilities for personal expression, dance and play. Staring at a blank canvas can be intimidating and paralyzing. I make my nighties as a starting place for the imagination.

4. Unique
Each piece is one-of-a-kind because they are all hand made and no two will ever be the same. And very few will be made of a single design.

5. Exquisite
I strive to achieve the highest skill and craftsmanship in every piece, continuing in the footprints of the master tailors and dressmakers before me.

6. Preserving
From the materials, techniques, sources and subject matter, preservation of endangered flora, fauna, crafts and virtues are deeply woven into each design so that each garment is a force for good in the world. 

The media is locked into very narrow stereotypes of women’s sexual character. I want to break that mould with new ideas and forms that she can play with, literally try on new personas to express repressed or hidden sides of her personality that are not given outlets anywhere else. There is a fine line between a woman who is expressing a role she desires to play and a woman who is playing a role she thinks is expected of her. The first empowers and releases her while the latter can have the opposite effect, it can repress and restrain her full potential. I think when she puts on a nightie or other garment it can inspire and transport her into a fantastical world, it can ignite hidden sides of her personality that she isn’t brave enough to share otherwise. The right garment can give her the confidence as much as it can act as a protective and psychological shield to become vulnerable and creative.

Want to learn more?

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