There is an inherent goodness in each one of us.

There is an inherent goodness in each one of us.

Grow the beauty within
and watch the world bloom.

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Current Works

Peace Flowers

Exploring the meaning of Beauty in the modern world and it’s potential to ignite our higher selves.

Beauty begs the question: how deep? A real flower embodies pure beauty manifested. Depending on how it was grown and delivered, it can hide very un-beautiful truths. Man-made flowers have turned into glamour, which we now confuse with ‘beauty’. They also hide un-beautiful truths.

These works seek to reclaim beauty from it’s poor relation (glamour) by restoring virtue and integrity as an inseparable component of true beauty. In a play of illusion, these works conclude that when beauty is found in every aspect of creation, existence and demise, it not only embodies the fullness of Beauty, it also teaches us how to be beautiful -inside out.

Great care is taken in sourcing the finest and most beautiful materials from origins of beauty and integrity. Peace silk, plant-dyes, and other mixed natural materials are 100% biodegradable so that when beauty fades, it can give rise to another.

Bring home a unique object

of beauty & virtue

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