If your mission is to uplift and preserve beauty and goodness for a better world, this could be the beginning of a lovely friendship.

Climate Change - Human Rights - Biodiversity

We have a global crisis going on.


And the clothes you wear are part of it
(For good or for bad)

We Believe

Ethical Fashion Should...

01. Be Beautiful
I believe women are tired of the images portrayed of feminine beauty by the media. And, I believe that ‘sustainable’ cannot exist without also being beautiful and fitting well; something we’re excited to wear over and over again.

02. Be Holistic
Evaluate the full picture of molecules into material and back into molecules again and how each step carries an impact. I believe we have a responsibility to do the best we can in all aspects, and consider that some inferior choices may be luxuries rather than necessities.

03. Empower People
Both makers and purchasers. Through full transparency and disclosure allow purchasers to make choices that align with their priorities. I believe this is a human right.

04. Last for Generations
I believe that buying less but investing in quality and paying a true and sustainable cost for our clothing was the way humans have related to clothing for centuries and need to relate to it now for a sustainable and ethical future.

05. Employ Artisans
I believe the craft and skills of textiles are becoming endangered and extinct from industrial manufacturing just as fast as animals are; and it is important to preserve this wisdom and heritage that has literally been honed and handed down to us since the beginning of time.

06. Be Quality
Using the most durable and refined materials available which do the least harm and as much as possible benefit animals, people and planet. I believe in working with nature, not against it.

Think beyond sustainability to a world in which every human act becomes one of beneficence and abundance. -William McDonough

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  • Gender Equality
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  • Arts & Cultural Diversity

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